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Sean D. C. Ostrowski BSc, PhD, PGCHE, FRICS, FCIOB, FCIArb (Retired).

I am a chartered quantity surveyor with 30 years experience in the private sector and 10 years of teaching. My career started on site with a well known contractor, Wates Construction Ltd, with whom I spent several happy years and gained much useful experience of large scale contracting on commercial and housing construction. This was followed by several years with EC Harris and Davis Langdon. The professional side of quantity surveying is very interesting and exciting and maintains a very high standard of technical competence and innovation. Most of my practice has been as a sole practitioner specialising in complex final accounts and dispute resolution based in London with several overseas assignments. The highlights were being involved in Hong Kong airport  and the London Jubilee Underground Line. More recently I have been mainly concerned with teaching in a variety of universities, doing a doctorate on how to teach quantity surveying, writing research papers and two textbooks on estimating and measurement and developing  this website to demonstrate the technical competencies of QS work.



Ostrowski, S. (2013) Estimating and Cost Planning using the New Rules of Measurement 1. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell.

Ostrowski, S. (2013) Measurement using the New Rules of Measurement 2. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell.

Ostrowski, S. (2011) Pedagogical Developments in Quantity Surveying. PhD Dissertation, London South Bank University.

Ostrowski, S. (2010) Pedagogical difficulties with measurement in QS. RICS/COBRA Conference, Paris. 

Ostrowski, S. (2011) Solutions to pedagogical difficulties with measurement in QS. RICS/COBRA Conference, Salford. 

Ostrowski, S. (2012) Assessments for QS courses. RICS/COBRA Conference, Las Vegas.   

Ostrowski, S. (2013) Teaching the New Rules of Measurement. RICS/COBRA Conference, New Dehli. 



I would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their kind permission to use the following material. Professor Allan Ashworth for allowing me to adapt one his  diagrams from Cost Sudies of Buildings 5th ed.  Prentice Hall Pearson. G. Godwin/ Builder Group/ United business media for the use of W. Atton for the use of brickwork labour constantsCEM for the use of the drawings of the office building.The RICS and BCIS for allowing me to reproduce tables included in NRM 1, the code of measuring practice and  elemental analyses and key performance indicators from the Standard Form of Cost Analysis. Taylor Francis/Spon for the use of the brickwork pricing example. Turner and Townsend for the use of their diagrams concerning floor areas.

Many people have read and commented on parts of the contents and they have my sincere thanks and gratitude. My wife, Sally, David Benge of Gleeds, Keith Tweedy, Professor Allan Ashworth, David Hockley, RIBA, Matthew Boughton, David Pegg and Comas Kashamo  of the BCIS, Professor David Jenkins and David Quarmby of Glamorgan University.

The development of the website was greatly assisted by the customer service team at Squarespace and the  advice of Robert Brook.





The copyright owner is SDC Ostrowski. These documents and videos are for individual use only. They are not to be reproduced for any purpose whatsoever.

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Equality of opportunity means poverty is no barrier to access to information and learning. There are several documents and videos that I consider to be the basics and they are provided free of charge. UK experience of free education and health care has shown the benefits to society. It has also shown that the free provision of services leads to lack of appreciation of the free service provided, a high level of abuse and an unreasonable assumption of entitlement. To maintain the equality of opportunity and eliminate the problems the OER service on this website will provide a large amount of information in small packages with small charges for each item. Taxes and expenses will be added to all prices as appropriate. 


Corrections, additions and improvements to both the Estimating and Measurements textbooks have been incorporated into the videos.

The use of a website with videos for quantity surveying technical competencies is a relatively new venture and there will be errors and ommissions which are entirely my responsibility. I would be grateful to receive clarifications and corrections and they will be incorporated as soon as possible. The process of delivering this information as a movie across the various media outlets has also been a challenge and will be the subject of continuous improvement. Suggestions would also be welcome. 


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